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What is a burn-out? Why does it happen? How do we get out of it? And how can we avoid it in the future? This masterclass will answer your most pressing questions about burn-out and give you strategies to combat it.

About this Event

During this masterclass, Ines Gaston, Clinical Psychologist, Performance Coach and POH-GGZ at the IHCH, will share insights and tools to help you break through a burn-out and prevent it from happening again. You will discover the scientific know-how and practical methods to change things for the better.

What you will learn:

  • How to identify, manage and overcome common burn-out symptoms such as anxiety and overwhelm.
  • Strategies to create a healthier, more balanced life.
  • Practical tips to integrate a self-care routine… no matter how busy your life is.
  • Guidance and support to reignite your joy and passion for life, and replenish your spiritual well.
  • How to create a story that will inspire you to take action!

This masterclass is for you if:

  • You have a demanding schedule, whether at home, at work, or both, and are looking for support to create a healthy work-life balance.
  • You want to fully understand why you’re experiencing a burn-out, and are seeking expert step-by-step guidance on how to overcome it.
  • You want to recharge and boost your energy, passion, creativity, and focus.
  • You want the tools to create a self-care action plan to improve your emotional, physical, or spiritual well-being.
  • You want to reclaim your inner power and self-confidence in order to thrive.

Since 2017, Ines has been sharing her story and expertise in front of many audiences, in Europe and beyond. Last year this story even got her a book deal with Ten Have publishers in the Netherlands.


During this Masterclass “From Burn-Out to Becoming Unstoppable” Ines Gaston, Clinical Psychologist and Performance Coach, will guide you through a practical approach to dealing with burn-outs. Ines is no stranger to burn-outs, having gone through some herself. As part of her healing process, she embarked on a journey that led her around the world and taught her life lessons about trust and the unknown. She has condensed her experiences and knowledge into a step-by-step protocol that is helping others who are experiencing similar growing pains.

Not only is Ines a great storyteller, she also makes science practical. She will teach you how the brain, mind and body work together, and what you can do to manage them better. Let’s get you started on this journey to well-being and balance today!

When: Thursday 18th March at 19:00-21:00

Where: Online

How to join: There are limited spaces so sign up in advance via this link:


You may have noticed what looks like a new vending machine in the small garden around the corner from our main entrance. We know it may not always be possible for you to make it to our pharmacy during our opening times. Therefore we have recently introduced a very handy device: a Pharmaself24 machine. This device is open 24/7, so you can access your prescribed medicine/s at any time. It can be reached via the facade of our building, in the small garden, around the corner from the main entrance.


As soon as your medicines are ready, you will receive a confirmation and pick-up code via email or text message.

How does it work?

As soon as your medicines are ready, we will put them in this dispenser. Immediately afterwards, an email or text message is sent to the customer. This email contains a numeric code that you use to remove the medication from the device. The device has a touchscreen. At the top left you will find the button “language” so that you can change the language to English.

In addition to the code you received by email, the device also asks for the first digits of your date of birth. If you are born on the 4th of July 1966 for example, you have to fill in 0407.

Please ensure we have have your correct email address and telephone number so that you can receive this code. Unfortunately not all medicines are suitable to be dispensed via the Pharmaself 24. You will be notified by the pharmacy to pick these up during our opening times at the pharmacy itself if this is the case.

For questions, please contact the pharmacy on 070 306 5122, and they will be happy to assist you.





The ever evolving field of medical technology, especially with regards to early cancer detection, is helping us get closer to the goal of reducing cancer mortality rate. One of these technologies helping us with early skin cancer detection, when the majority of cases are still completely curable, is called mole-mapping. Our dermatologist Dr Houtappel explains “One of the challenges with skin cancer is early detection. Many of us have moles or skin lesions, and although we may check them from time to time, we can’t accurately remember what their exact size, shape or colour was a few months ago, let alone a year ago. Fortunately with technological advances in high-resolution cameras we have found a great solution. It is quick, easy, and completely painless and can help detect cancerous moles that are evolving slowly enough that could go unnoticed.

Here are 5 reasons to get started with mole-mapping:

  1. Mole mapping keeps high-resolution images of your moles, and therefore new, changing or growing ones can be identified much earlier than by relying on your or your doctor’s memory.
  2. The computer-assisted camera flags suspicious moles, which can then be magnified to determine whether it looks cancerous.
  3. Mole-mapping can reduce the risk of unnecessarily removing a healthy mole, because the magnified camera and change tracking over time can help determine whether that mole is indeed healthy.
  4. If you move country, change doctors, or simply would like to check for yourself what your moles looked like at your last appointment, you will be given all the photos on a USB stick to take with you to your next dermatologist or mole mapping facility.
  5. Mole-mapping is completely painless and still ensures that your dermatologist can focus on moles that look suspicious.


How often do you need to get your moles checked?

We recommend once per year if no suspicious moles were identified at your last check. For suspicious moles, we advise you to get them checked after 3-6 months.

Is mole mapping for everyone?

Mole mapping is particularly suitable if you have an increased risk of skin cancer, defined as:

–          Multiple moles (50 or more) or large moles

–          Personal or family history of skin cancer

–          Pale skin that burns easily in the sun

–          History of severe sunburns or a lot of sun exposure

–          A suppressed immune system 

What does mole mapping cost?

The cost is €295 for your first mole mapping, and €195 for subsequent/follow up visits. If you are already seeing our dermatologists for mole related issues, the cost is €150. Please be aware that Dutch insurances do not cover the costs of mole mapping but many international insurances do. Please check with your insurance to know whether this would be covered.

If you have questions about mole-mapping, or would like to book an appointment, please email our Polyclinic at or call 070 306 5111 and select the option for the Polyclinic.





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