Questions about your prescription?

If you have a question about a repeat prescription, you’ve requested it but still haven’t received it or are in urgent need of a refill, please contact the doctor (either GP Family Practice or Polyclinic) that made the prescription (not the Pharmacy). Repeat prescriptions are usually ready within 5 working days of your request. You will be notified once your medication is ready for collection. 

Repeat Prescriptions

Your request for repeat prescription of your regular medication will be sent first to your doctor for approval before it can be dispensed by the Pharmacy.

Repeat Prescriptions

Automatic repeat prescription

Sign up for the automatic repeat prescription service

(*applicable to IHCH Pharmacy patients only and to certain medications)

Automatic repeat prescription

What is the automatic repeat prescription service?

Some medications you may require for a long period of time or for the rest of your life.

For certain medications the Pharmacy offers an automatic repeat prescription service. By filling out the form below, the Pharmacy will determine whether the medication you are taking is elegible for this automatic service, and if so, automatically renew your prescription without you having to repeatedly request it. This is meant for those medications that are required for lifelong or extended periods of time; for example medications for blood pressure regulation, diabetes or thyroid issues.

For questions regarding other regular prescriptions, please contact your prescribing doctor at the GP practice or Polyclinic. 

If you have questions about the automatic repeat prescription service, please contact the Pharmacy.

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