Welcome to the GP family practice of the International Health Centre The Hague. Our team of medically trained doctors assistants, nurse practitioners, POH-GGZ’s (psychologists) and doctors (general practitioners) are here to assist you with all aspects of your health care whilst in The Netherlands.

Call us on 070 306 5100 to schedule an appointment or speak to one of the doctor’s assistants. Phone lines are open on weekdays from 8:00 to 11:00 and from 11:30 to 12:30 for regular IHCH GP services and for acute life threatening emergencies from 08:00 till 17:00 under the emergency option. Please note that we are currently dealing with a large amount of phone calls. We apologize for any delay in service.

For medical questions and reliable medical advice you may find the following website useful: 

For urgent out-of-hours medical care during weekends, holidays or evening times, there is an emergency GP service available in each region of the Netherlands (Huisartsenpost in Dutch). For the Hague, this is the Hadoks Acute Zorg which can be reached by calling 070 346 96 69. Emergency out-of-hours appointments take place at HMC Westeinde, HMC Antoniushove or Haga Ziekenhuis.

You will need to be registered in our practice in order to receive medical care. Medical consultations are by appointment only. Please click here to register with us. After your registration, we may invite you for an intake. This is designed to acquaint you with our Centre and to discuss your medical history in order to assess your health and medical care needs.

In the Netherlands, General practitioners (GP)/family doctors (Huisarts in Dutch) make up the central part of the health system. For non-life threatening health or medical related concerns, you should always consult your GP first. Should you require specialist care, the GP can refer you to the appropriate specialist or the hospital where necessary. For more information about the Dutch Healthcare system, click here. Note that if you have Dutch health insurance, a GP referral is required for specialist care, in order for your insurance to cover your specialist healthcare costs.

Home visits

If you are too ill or physically unable to come to the IHCH, arrangements can be made for a doctor to visit you at home*. This may be the case if you have a disability and are housebound. *For IHCH patients living more than 10km away from our Centre, unfortunately we are not able to provide home or emergency visits. For information about billing and reimbursement of our GP service click here.

General Practitioners

General practitioners in the Netherlands are proficient in many medical areas, including:

  • Medical care of babies and children 
  • Gynaecological check-ups: pap smears, STD checks, etc.
  • Placing and removal of intra-uterine devices (IUDs)
  • Electrocardiograms (ECGs)
  • Dermatological check-ups
  • Minor operations under local anesthesia
  • Wound care, including suturing or stitching
  • Palliative care of terminally-ill patients (at home)


Depending on what your medical needs are, we can arrange for you to have additional time for your appointments if needed. We can book appointments for 5, 10 or 20 minutes depending on urgency, needs, whether it is a short follow-up, phone consultation or an emergency. Therefore it is important that you let us know what you are coming for and if you have more than one medical concern you’d like to address, so we can ensure you have enough time with the doctor.


If you require a regular repeat prescription for a chronic medical condition you can request it online by clicking here. Within a few days you should receive a notification to let you know that your medication is ready for pick-up.

Note however that not all repeat prescription requests are granted, and some require a medical consultation. Examples include blood pressure, heart, or diabetes medication, as a yearly check up is required. Anti-depressants or anti-psychotic drugs may also warrant a prior appointment and antibiotics and antivirals cannot be prescribed without prior consultation with a doctor.

Doctor’s Assistants

Our doctor’s assistants are trained medical professionals that can perform triage and address certain medical needs. When making an appointment, the doctor’s assistant will ask several questions about your medical problem. By doing this, they can estimate the urgency of your medical needs, and how much time is needed for the appointment. The assistants are also educated to give you advice about your medical issue.

You can make an appointment with one of our doctor’s assistants for certain medical problems such as:

  • Flushing the ear
  • Wound dressing
  • Removal of stitches
  • Vaccinations
  • Blood pressure measurement
  • Cryotherapy for benign skin conditions (e.g. warts, fibromas etc)

After consulting one of the GP’s our doctor’s assistants can also perform:

  • ECGs
  • 24h blood pressure measurements
  • Nebulization
  • Infection parameters (e.g. CRP and Urine test)

Additional services

  • Lifestyle, obesity and nutrition consultations: Our specialist GP offers a multidisciplinary clinic together with a physiotherapist, psychologist and dietician in order to obtain the best results
  • Psychological support: POH-GGZ’s (psychologists) work in the GP practice to support patients with mental health concerns
  • Abdominal ultrasounds: Among our team we have a specialist GP that performs abdominal ultrasounds if medically indicated
  • Diabetes & Cardiovascular clinics: The GP practice is also made up of specialized cardiovascular and diabetes nurses that help care for patients with hypertension, (pre)diabetes type 1 and type 2, high cholesterol, overweight conditions and cardiovascular risk factors. They work together with GP’s and internal medicine specialists.

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