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Before registering, please read the below information. You can then proceed to register for our services by completing the form below.


      • Registration with our GP Family Practice is only for persons living within the municipalities of The Hague, Rijswijk, Leidschendam, Voorburg, or Wassenaar. Our GP Family practice is sometimes full and cannot accept new patients during busy periods.
      • We are unable to provide home emergency visits for persons living further than 10km from the IHCH.
      • Please familiarize yourself with the IHCH Code of Conduct, Cancellation Policy and Billing Procedure before registering at our Centre.  By proceeding with your registration at the IHCH, you understand and agree to the IHCH terms and conditions
      • If you are registered with another GP practice in The Netherlands but wish to switch to our GP practice, please first inquire at our Patient Relations department by calling 070 306 5111 and select option 6.
      • An annual registration fee for the GP Family Practice, renewable each year, may apply. The fee is per registered family member (registered for GP / all medical services) and is usually reimbursed by insurance companies. For more information click here.
      • Seeing a specialist, scheduling a preventive/health check, travel advice appointment, or nutritional advice can all be performed while you are registered with a GP elsewhere. Please use the online form and choose your requested service.

Once you have understood and agreed to these Terms & Conditions, please fill out the following form to register with us. Note that it can take up to 3 working days to process your registration, and we will email you once your registration is confirmed. Should you have questions about your registration, please email us at

Please note that registration with our GP family practice is for residents of the Hague, Voorburg, Wassenaar, Rijswijk en Leidschendam only

Please enter a mobile telephone number where possible, including area code

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Please state the first & last name, date of birth, e-mail address and telephone number for each family member that you wish to register.

Please indicate here if you have any additional comments, such as you are changing insurance provider, address, have an additional request or information of importance

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