We adhere to a strict 24-hour No-show / Late cancellation policy.  Therefore, unless we receive at least 24 hours notice by emailing us, prior to the cancellation of an appointment with one of our medical professionals, you will receive an invoice and be charged a No-show / Late cancellation fee.

Fees for missed GP consultations

  • A maximum no-show / late cancellation fee of 20,- euros applies

Fees for missed specialist consultations

  • A flat no-show / late cancellation fee of 45,- euros applies

Fees for missed dental appointments

  • First missed appointment: Under one hour duration  45,- euros
  • One hour or more duration   65,- euros
  • Second or subsequent missed appointment:  75,- euros

Please be aware that No-show / Late cancellation fees are not usually reimbursed by insurance companies and will be billed to you directly.

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