Surgical Cosmetic Procedures

We are happy to assist you with shaves, curretage, cryotherapy or excision. These can be moles, fibromas, skin tag that cause problems because of mechanical irritations (rubbing with clothes) or aesthetics (due to the location on the face or other areas). We also do acid treatment for Xanthelasmata (fatty yellow tissue around the eyes).

*Please be aware that these procedures are not covered by your insurance.

Appointments – Please call (070) 306 5100 – option 2 for Polyclinic services (between 08h00 and16h00)

Email: ihchpoli@ezorg.nl (please state your full name and date of birth when emailing us)

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Dr Lonneke Franken, Dermatologist

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Dr Adele Zingoni, Dermatologist

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Dr Mayke Houtappel, Dermatologist

Dr Mark Faverey, Dermatologist

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