The skin therapist focuses on both the cosmetic and medical side of the skin, specializing in various skin conditions. These include skin lesions in various forms, whether it is a skin tag, pigmentation spotsacne or melasma. Another important specialty of the skin therapist is improving the skin structure, in order to combat skin aging, among other thingsIf you have concerns about any lesions on your body, it is advisable to see your general practitioner first for a proper medical advise and possible referral to a dermatologist for deeper investigation.


Intake: €29 (15 minutes)

Acne Treatment (starts from) €59

Together with the dermatologist, we focus on fighting against acne.

During a skin cleansing, we will remove the pimples, white and black heads or milia.  This treatment can be carried out several times. When the acne doesn’t come back. We can provide skin peels. A skin peel will improve the skin structure and, scar tissue will become less visible.

Skin Peeling (starts from) €80

A chemical peel promotes skin health, making the treatment very suitable for various conditions and for skin improvement. Which chemical peel is suitable for you will depend on your skin type and what you want to achieve. Most peeling treatments we will in a cure context. That means 4 up to 8 treatments with a interval of 14 days. There are peelings with some down-time but not all of them. Our skin therapists provide a tailor-made treatment plan. 

Skin Lesions Removal €75 – €150

The skin therapist normally uses a small curette, often without anaesthesia. Sometimes the dermatologist will recommend the application of a numbing cream (Emla) but often not necessary. The after care recommendation is to keep it dry for the first 24 hours, and avoid sun exposure.

   Drs Lonneke Franken, Dermatologist

Ms Jorien Slierendregt, Certified Skin Therapist

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