Dental Intake
After registration you will be asked to fill out an intake form. You can find the form by clicking here.
Please bring your completed and signed form to your first appointment or alternatively arrive early to fill out the form at the clinic (for data protection we recommend that you do not email the completed form to us).

An intake appointment is an initial first visit and takes approximately 30 minutes for an adult and 20 minutes for a child. The intake consists of a thorough check-up, treatment plan and diagnostic X-rays. If you have had X-rays taken within the last year then it may not be necessary to retake any at this appointment. Your dentist will advise you.The intake is where you can discuss any concerns or wishes for your oral health with the dentist. Please make sure to email your recent X-rays, and any pertinent information, before your first visit to

At your first visit a form of ID is required to be shown in the form of an official photo identification. Example: Dutch ID card, passport (a driving license is not accepted). Note: we do not make a copy of your ID


At a child’s first visit a dental cleaning is also included. Children typically can see the dentist for a cleaning up to the age of 16yrs, but they will be referred to the prevention assistant when the dentist advises. For adult patients the type of cleaning needed is determined at the initial intake exam where the dentist will recommend if they will need to see the dental hygienist or the prevention assistant (the dentist does not perform adult cleaning appointments).


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