Our team of friendly staff welcome your child to the clinic! Whether it is their first visit or their regular 6-month check-up we strive to make your child feel comfortable and relaxed. Our dentists are very familiar with working with children and you can read about each provider’s professional experience and choose who you would like your child to see.

Baby’s First Visit:

Around the age of 1 years old we recommend bringing your child for their first experience of seeing a dentist. To help your child become familiar with the dental chair, smells and noises the first visit is really only for the experience. The dentist will attempt to look into their mouth but there will not be any pressure to complete an oral check-up. It is so important to make that first contact a positive one. The dentist will also offer you advice, prevention tips and answer any of your questions. 

Children and adolescents

During your child’s dental check-up, you can expect that the dentist will provide a thorough check-up, cleaning and X-rays. They will also carefully assess the condition of their oral care (tooth brushing skills!) and give brushing and flossing instructions to them.

 With a growing child the mouth is developing and the teeth are naturally moving into place. As this natural process happens the dentist will also check and advise you if everything is developing normally and assess whether orthodontic intervention may be recommended. It is very important that 6-month check-ups are booked to monitor the changes in the mouth through childhood and to keep your child’s oral health in the best condition with preventative care and instruction.

Restorative Treatments

For children who are cooperative we can provide treatment such as fillings, root canals and extractions. However, we do not have sedation methods for children who are not cooperative or who are extremely anxious. In these cases we will recommend a referral to a paediatric dentist who can provide sedation methods.

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