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Should I have an intake appointment?

Please note that having an intake appointment is NOT obligatory. You are already successfully registered to the departments you selected on the registration form when you receive the confirmation e-mail.

If you wish to have an intake, we currently offer two types of appointments: Medical Intake and Patient Relations Intake.

The Medical Intake is only advised for patients with extensive personal medical history (for example: diagnosed with important chronic diseases). During the Medical Intake that information will be included on your Digital Medical file, and therefore, Medical Intake appointments are billed as a GP medical consultation. The Medical Intake ensures the registration of your full medical history on your medical file, prior to your first consultation with the GP. Keep in mind that during the Medical Intake we are NOT able to address current health complaints and/or prescribe or renew any medication; for those situations you need to book a regular GP appointment. If you registered more members of the family to our GP Practice, please note that the Medical Intake should only be booked for the member(s) of the family with significant medical history. To book a Medical Intake, please contact the GP department on the number 070 306 5111.

For other matters, such as: learning how the GP practice works, insurance questions and other non-medical issues, you can choose to book a Patient Relations Intake. Patient Relations is located at the main entrance desk. You can also speak to them by phone by selecting option 6 from the telephone menu, or send any questions that you might have regarding these subjects to

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