Dr Elisabeth van Westerlaak

Nederlands, English, Deutsch

Dr Elisabeth van Westerlaak is a Paediatrician and was born and educated near Ulm in Germany.  Her initial medical degree also included one year of study at the Université d Angers, France.

Dr van Westerlaak’s professional experience includes internships in the United Kingdom, France, Cameroon and Germany.  During this time she developed an interest in paediatric care, complemented by her work in a general paediatric ward for children and adolescents, including neonatologic care for premature and ill babies.  She has a keen interest in the long-term care and follow-up of children and their development. 

Since 2008, Dr van Westerlaak has specialised in Paediatrics where she has gained further professional experience working at the Universitäts-Kinderspital beider Basel (UKBB) (University Children’s Hospital) in Basel, Switzerland and in Germany. She joined the IHCH in June 2016.

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