If you wish to discuss a bill payment from the Pharmacy please contact the financial administration team by email

If you have Dutch health insurance

We will send the bills for prescription medication directly to your Insurance company*

* Exceptions apply to over-the-counter products and some other specially marked medication

Eigen risico

Please be aware that Dutch insurance companies impose a mandatory deductible, called eigen risico. This excess amount is regulated by the Dutch Government and it applies every year to all persons with Dutch Insurance. Your eigen risico is usually deducted from any reimbursements you may receive from your insurance company. Items such as prescription medication and laboratory investigations also form part of the eigen risico.

If you have foreign or international insurance

Please pay for all of your medication and other pharmacy products directly at time of purchase. Once paid, you can then send the bill to your Insurance company for reimbursement.

Payment methods

We currently accept the following methods of payment at the IHCH Pharmacy:

  • Dutch bank passes (PIN)
  • Credit card (MasterCard; Visa; American Express)

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