EU QR code/ Dutch Covid entry pass certificate

If you’re traveling within the EU you will most probably have to show a QR code, proving you have had 2 vaccinations more than 2 weeks ago (1 vaccination in the case of the Johnson/Janssen vaccine), or that you have recovered from a recent Covid infection.

However, there can be some difficulties in getting the QR code if you have received your first Covid vaccine abroad and then second one in the Netherlands, or both vaccines in different countries. In this case you can contact the GGD on 030-8002899 and make an appointment. Please note that at the moment of writing this text the GGD only offers this service in Utrecht where you have to go in person for validation. The GGD service is free of charge. For more information regarding the GGD service please click here.

How do I get the QR code through IHCH?

Unfortunately we are not able to provide this service. Please contact the GGD for an appointment.

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