EU QR code/ Dutch Covid entry pass certificate

If you’re traveling within the EU you will most probably have to show a QR code, proving you have had 2 vaccinations more than 2 weeks ago (1 vaccination in the case of the Johnson/Janssen vaccine), or that you have recovered from a recent Covid infection.

However, there can be some difficulties in getting the QR code if you have received your first Covid vaccine abroad and then second one in the Netherlands, or both vaccines in different countries. In this case you can contact the GGD on 030-8002899 and make an appointment. Please note that at the moment of writing this text the GGD only offers this service in Utrecht where you have to go in person for validation. The GGD service is free of charge. For more information regarding the GGD service please click here.

Due too waiting times and the travel time and expenses we have decided set up this service to provide you with codes if you have been vaccinated with one of the WHO acknowledged vaccines, this list is updated regularly by WHO. We cannot add non-acknowledged WHO vaccines to the code as this is regulated by the Dutch government.

How do I get the QR code through IHCH?

To request this service please complete our QR code document request form below. If you are not a patient at our GP practice it is important to register in advance here.

You will be called by our staff for an appointment, please allow at least 1-2 working days. During times of high demand, this may be longer.

To obtain the certificate you have to come to your appointment at our clinic in person and show your ID, such as passports/identity cards. Driver’s licenses and other forms of ID are NOT accepted. You will also need to provide the vaccine record with vaccine information (for example vaccine cards).

When using this service our staff will verify your identity, your COVID vaccination records, generate the form and check validity of the QR code(s). In some cases, only international pass-codes can be generated, in which case you can not use it to participate in certain Dutch social events. IHCH cannot solve this, since the codes are generated by Dutch government.


Because we do not receive the same government funding as the GGD our service can not be done free of charge. If you choose to use our service over the free of charge service of the GGD the following charges apply: 

  • € 15,46 for registered IHCH patients
  • € 30,91 for non-registered patients or only registered patients for the QR code
QR-Code Request Form
Once you have understood and agreed to the IHCH Terms & Conditions, please fill out the following form to request your QR-code.

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