Dr Stephen Buskin

Nederlands, English, Afrikaans, Hebrew

Stephen Buskin was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa. He completed his medical university training at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg in 1992. His early years as a doctor in South Africa took him to Groote Schuur Hospital in Cape Town -renowned for the first heart transplant.

From 1994-1995, he earned his diplomas in child health and primary emergency care from the College of Medicine in South Africa. He started paediatric training in South Africa and completed it in the Sheba Medical Centre in Tel Aviv, Israel. While becoming recognized for Paediatrics in both Israel and South Africa, Stephen also trained as a classic homeopath.

After meeting his Dutch wife, he moved to The Netherlands with her and together they started a homeopathy practice combined with work in the hospital system. For one year, he worked at the AMC (Amsterdam) and thereafter in various hospitals in England, Scotland and in The Netherlands.  In his free time, Dr. Buskin enjoys hiking, traveling the world, diving, biking, meditation and juicing.

Areas of practice and expertise

Acute paediatrics; neonatal follow-up; allergies; gastroenterology; eczema; complementary and alternative medicine namely homeopathy.

In addition to his broad experience and expertise, Dr Buskin also has a great comprehension of complementary/alternative medicine. If needed, he can offer referrals to specialized treatment centers and practices in The Netherlands – those that are often not considered by Dutch healthcare providers. This treatment can be for osteopathy, dieticians, hypnotherapy, ergotherapy, exercise therapy, halotherapy, pelvic floor physiotherapy, and various other child therapists.


To put the best interests of the child first and foremost; to make it possible for a child to reach his or her full potential; to provide the best and most up-to-date medical evidence regarding treatment: to combine conventional medical practice with complementary and alternative medicine giving children the best of both worlds.

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