Genomic counseling, Orthomolecular/Nutritional Medicine, Pharmacy, Precision medicine (personalised medicine)

Dr Philip Boerebach, Pharm .D., M.D.

Nederlands, English, Deutsch, Francais

Dr Philip Boerebach completed his pharmaceutical studies in Groningen in 1992 and his medical studies in Leiden in 2009.

He is both a registered pharmacist as a medical (travel and vaccinations) doctor, who has focussed his research on the use of prescription and over­-the-counter medication for children, international vaccination schemes and travel advice. 

On Dr Boerebach’s involvement with the IHCH:

“Many of my expatriate friends often complained about the Dutch Healthcare system and the attitude of Healthcare providers.  They asked me if it would be possible to organise things in a less paternalistic manner.  I see my contribution to the IHCH as a way to, hopefully, fulfill their wishes.”

Dr Boerebach also trained as a physician with an emphasis on orthomolecular medicine and travel advice:

“Being both a chemist and a medical doctor gives me a better insight into conventional and also alternative medication.  It enables me to offer my patients better choices when it comes to their treatment plans.”

For many years, Dr Boerebach was also the President of the Chemists Association in Rotterdam.  He has  acted as a supervising chemist at TNO and at a pharmaceutical wholesaler. He was cofounder of Reofarm, a medication-pouch packaging company.

Together with Mr Tony Brouwer, Philip Boerebach is a cofounder of the IHCH.

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