General Practitioner

Dr Steven Tieleman

Nederlands, English


070 306 5100

Steven Tieleman is a Dutch trained GP who has spent much of his life in an international environment. He was born in Leiden, but spent much of his youth living in Lisse and England. In 1998 he received his medical degree from Leiden University.

His extensive experience has brought him through many fields of service. Once he received his degree, Steven worked in the surgery department at the OLVG hospital in Amsterdam. He was also a medical doctor in the Dutch Navy, which gave him the opportunity to work in an international environment.

His tenure also includes teaching at Leiden University; as a medical doctor for the Den Haag police department; and working together with people suffering from alcohol addiction at Brijder Addiction in Den Haag. He has worked as a GP since 2004.

When Steven is not at the IHCH, he enjoys spending time with friends and family, kitesurfing, mountain biking, running, and reading in his spare time.

Areas of practice and expertise

Broad medical GP experience with a specialty in small surgery (e.g. ingrown toenails, small skin spots, fibroma, clotted hemorrhoids). Additionally, addiction management and mental disorders.


Helping people to resolve issues with their physical and mental health -because the mind and body are so closely connected, it is important to take into account both of these aspects of health. To also make his patients feel as much at home as possible in the Netherlands and to help them navigate through the Dutch health care system.

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