Acting General Practitioner (waarnemend)

Dr Malhoe Mishre

Nederlands, English, Hindi, Sarnami


070 306 5100

Hallo, hello or namaste! I am Dr Amrid Malhoe Mishre, acting general practitioner (waarnemend huisarts). I began my medical career at Leiden University. Following my studies I started working at the internal medicine department at the Haga Hospital in The Hague. I gained significant clinical experience though after some time I realized that I missed having time for my patients. I subsequently worked for a number of years as an insurance doctor which was invaluable in helping me notice how important it is to also look at the non-medical aspects of a patient.

These experiences gave me the impetus to change direction and train towards becoming a general practitioner. My affinity lies with surgery, cultural diversity, and lifestyle coaching.

Within the IHCH I work closely with other general practitioners and specialists and we offer unique care in which we think along with the wishes of the patient. I am fluent in Dutch and English and can also speak some Sarnami and Hindi. I was born in the Netherlands and I am of Surinamese-Hindustani descent.

My vision is a holistic and patient-oriented approach. I take the time for my patients and I am easily approachable. With a healthy dose of humor and medical expertise, I am ready for my patients and I always have a listening ear.

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